Our Code of Conduct

Our understanding of ethical, morally and legally compliant conduct is outlined in our Code of Conduct. We have compiled seven principles that provide basic guidance for us all at Intersnack. Our compliance program aims to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate.

The Executive Board of the Intersnack Group is committed to applying leading practices of good corporate governance throughout the Intersnack Group.

For any questions, please contact the Group Compliance Office:
Phone: +49 211 710 65 290
Email: compliance@intersnackgroup.com




The Principles of Our Code of Conduct

  1. We produce quality snacks to the highest standards.

  2. We always act with integrity.

  3. We deal honestly and in the best interests of Intersnack Group.

  4. We condemn all forms of bribery and corruption.

  5. We treat people fairly.

  6. We compete fairly and respect the free market.

  7. We respect the environment and conduct our business in a socially responsible manner.