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Our portfolio includes a vast range of great-tasting savoury snacks - from internationally recognised brands such as Chio, POM-BÄR and Tyrrells to much-loved local snack names in countries across Europe and beyond.

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funny-frisch logo

funny-frisch has been delighting consumers in Germany with its unique products since 1968 – especially with Chipsfrisch Hungarian Paprica Style which is the best-selling product in the entire German confectionery market.

In addition to Chipsfrisch, the broad portfolio also includes other successful products such as Lentil Chips, Chickpea Chips, Kettle Chips, Oven Chips and Riffles.

funny-frisch, the brand that inspires a sense of humour and enjoyment of the here and now, also offers a wide range of snack specialties such as the popular Peanut Flippies, Jumpys and Ringli as well as baked products.

Chio Logo

Chio was the first German potato chips brand, originally created in 1962 by the Von Opel Family in Hofgut Petersau. The name Chio is taken from the first letters of the family members: Carlo, Heinz and Irmgard von Opel.

Over the years, Chio has grown to become the second biggest brand in the Intersnack portfolio and today’s consumers can enjoy a wide range of Chio Snacks including potato chips, tortilla chips, specialties, baked products, popcorn and coated nuts.

Chio can be found in more than 15 countries in Europe today.  It is a brand that inspires friends to have fun and live freely.

Estrella Logo

Estrella was the first snack company in Sweden and began making chips and popcorn in 1957. Since then, it has launched many new and innovative salted snacks products, always with a focus on great quality and taste.

Today Estrella is one of Sweden’s largest and most respected snacks brands with products such as potato chips, lentil chips, snacking nuts, savory shaped snacks and popcorn. In 1988 Estrella launched Sourcream & Onion flavoured chips onto the Swedish market and these remain the most popular potato chips product in Sweden. The Estrella brand also exists in Finland and Baltic countries.

Hula Hoops Logo

Hula Hoops has been creating fun and memorable snacking moments since 1973 and is now one of the UK’s most iconic and best loved snack brands. Known for its distinctive 3D shape, crunchy texture and the ability to fit on fingers, Hula Hoops offers a unique taste experience like no other. Available in a variety of delicious flavours and formats, there is a Hoop for everyone to enjoy!”

The first packet of POM-BÄR was sold in 1987 and the brand quickly became a favourite snack for the whole family. Today the POM-BÄR range has become one of the leading brands in the family snack segment in over 30 countries. POM-BÄR snacks, with their distinctive little bear shape, melt in the mouth and are offered in a variety of delicious flavours. They are made with no artificial flavours, colourings, added flavour enhancers or preservatives. 

McCoy´s Logo

First launched in 1985, McCoy’s are renowned for their bold flavours delivered on a thick ridged crisp and are the no.1 ridged crisp in the UK market, consumed by over one third of UK households! Choose from a fantastic range of flavours, including the iconic McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak or Salt & Malt Vinegar.  Ignite your taste buds with McCoy's!

ültje Logo

Peanuts were first roasted and sold under the "ültje" label in 1949 and almost 85% of German consumers know the famous nut brand.

Today ültje is the national market leader in Germany in the peanut segment and stands for enjoyable, high-quality and unadulterated snacks.

Ültje’s attractive and modern product portfolio includes peanuts,  noble nuts, coated nuts, peanut butter and nut/fruit mixes.

Vico Logo

Vico’s expertise in the manufacture of potato products stretches back over 60 years. Today, Vico is second in the French potato chips market and its portfolio contains a wide range of products including potato chips, speciality products, better for you snacks and nuts. Vico snacks deliver tasty moments that make them a favourite for all occasions in French households, particularly with aperitifs.

Tayto Logo

Tayto is Ireland’s No.1 crisps and snacks brand. Created in 1954 by Joe ‘Spud’ Murphy and Seamus Burke, who are widely credited with creating the world’s first cheese & onion seasoned crisp in a small factory in Dublin city centre, it has become an iconic brand in Ireland and a favourite amongst the Irish diaspora living abroad. Mr.Tayto, the brand’s mascot is a much loved character who is a strong symbol of Irishness, loved by young and old alike! The Tayto range includes the core range of crisps in a selection of market-leading flavours, premium kettle crisps, speciality snacks and popcorn.

The first Maarud potato chips were also the very first potato chips produced in mainland Europe, made at Maarud Gaard in Norway as early as 1936. Sales took off during the 1960s as television sets became ubiquitous in Norway.  Building on its success in potato chips, Maarud later introduced new products such as popcorn, speciality snacks, pretzels and tortilla chips to become a durable market leader in most savoury snacks categories.

The Maarud brand is now present in both Norway and Iceland.

Tyrrells Logo

Tyrrells have been making delicious premium hand-cooked English crisps since 2002 in the Herefordshire Countryside. Using only the finest potatoes and seasonings, they are cooked by hand in small batches to create the distinctive Tyrrells curl and crunch with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Over the years, the Tyrrells range has grown to include Vegetable Crisps, Nuts and Lentil Crisps which are sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

KP Logo

At KP we have been nuts about nuts since 1953. Now we’re the UK’s No. 1 nut brand and the nation's favourite peanut. We’re experts in sourcing the best nuts and taking the great taste of nuts to the next level, for the perfect KP taste and crunch. Not only delicious, we provide snacks from nature, full of natural goodness (protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals). KP is the only brand that can unleash the delicious natural power of nuts to help you be at your best throughout the day.

Curly’s unique peanut taste and crunchy, melt in the mouth texture have made the brand the market leader in peanut flip for over 60 years in France. In recent years, Curly has introduced greater variety to its portfolio with the best-seller Curly Donuts and the recent launches of  Curly Dip and Curly Sweety.

Kelly`s Logo

Kelly’s, the biggest brand on the Austrian snack market, was founded in 1955 and is named after one of the company’s founders, Howard Morse Kelly. Popcorn was the first product launched under the Kelly’s brand.

The essence of the brand is trendy with a regional awareness – it stands for fun, entertainment and companionship and brings a “crackle” into life. It is produced in Austria with high quality regional ingredients.

The Kelly’s brand covers almost all product categories: Chips, Specialties, Popcorn and Nuts.

Kelly’s ... more taste – more fun!

Griffin´s Logo

Griffin’s has been delighting New Zealand families for over 150 years with an extensive portfolio of biscuits, crackers and muesli bars. A trusted and loved market leader, Griffin’s is renowned for its high quality, creative baking credentials. There has always been a bikkie or a snack to suit everyone’s tastes and put a smile on their faces. Right from the start our pioneering New Zealand founder John Griffin had a clear vision: a desire to delight others through his baking. Seeing smiles, joy and wonder in others was his driving motivation. John Griffin’s entrepreneurial spirit carries on today as the team at Griffin’s are proud to continue the legacy of our trusted classics as well as pioneering new textures, formats and flavour combinations in new product varieties.

Nutline Logo

The Nutline brand was born in 1996 in Romania with the launch of packaged sunflower seeds. Since then, Nutline has expanded its portfolio with a range of pumpkin and kernel seeds, nuts and noble nuts across all Central and Eastern European countries. Nutline is the value market leader for seeds category, empowering consumers to make smart, casual and tasty food choices.  Nutline knows how important it is for people to enjoy the small pleasures of life in the company of friends and family.

“Nutline! Nurture your smile!”

Monster Munch Logo

Introduced to the French market in 1992, Monster Munch has become the best salty snack to party with family. It is a happy and playful brand that comes in a wide range of flavours. These tasty snacks are shaped into little ghosts, to feed kids’ imagination and also entertain consumers of all ages.

Butterkist Logo

Butterkist is the No.1 brand of popcorn in the UK and has been creating smiles since 1914. Today, the range has grown to include classic cinema flavours such as Sweet, Sweet & Salty and Salted. Of course, our top seller is the famous Toffee coated  popcorn, perfect for those moments when you need an indulgent treat. 

Bohemia Logo

Bohemia is an iconic Czech snack brand which was first launched in 1982. Since then, it has been selecting the very best ingredients to deliver delicious crispy snack moments to everyday consumers’ lives.

Bohemia’s popularity stands for local heritage, high quality products and great product taste. The brand has the leading position in the Czech market with a wide range of salted snacking products including various chips, baked products, specialities and nuts.

Kettle Logo

Since its 1989 launch in NSW Australia, Kettle has grown to be one of the country’s best-known premium snack brands.  The Kettle brand is built on a promise of an uncompromising approach to deliciously crafted texture and taste.  Always starting with carefully sourced and 100% natural ingredients, the Kettle brand offers Australian consumers delicious flavours across several snacking categories, including chips, entertaining crackers and nuts. 

Przysnacki Logo

Soon after its launch in March 2011, Przysnacki reached its solid No. 2 position in the extruded snack market in Poland and No. 1 in hypermarkets.  Built on its intrinsic values of naturalness and Polishness, Przysnacki is now the 6th biggest brand across all categories in the Polish salty  snacks market.

popchips Logo

Popchips were invented in California in 2007 by two friends named Pat and Keith, who wanted a snack that was better for you but still tasted delicious. So they popped a chip and the rest is history!

Today popchips is the No. 2 brand for healthy sharing crisps and snacks in the UK. Popped not fried into a variety of flavours, each just 97 calories a serving.  We also recently started something good with a new plant based range called ‘veg vibes’ that are full of flavour and perfect for vegans. Grab a handful and live life to the full, because life is what you make of it.  Why not make it pop?

Felix Logo

The very first tin of Felix peanuts appeared on Polish shelves in 1991. A year later, the production of Felix peanuts started in Slomniki near Kraków. Since then, the familiar blue Felix tin has become established as a symbol of highest quality and Felix as an expert and market leader in peanuts and snack nuts.

Along the way, Felix has celebrated many successes, such as winning the Superbrands award and many creative awards, such as for the selling line which it still uses today: “Mother Nature, Father Felix”.

Thins Logo

Thins is Australia’s market leading thinly cut potato chip brand. Dating back over 55 years, Thins is known and loved for its deliciously light and crispy texture that melts in your mouth. With so many delicious flavours on offer, the Thins range has something for everyone.

Taffel Logo

As the first Danish chips brand on the market, Taffel has a strong heritage with Danish consumers. Taffel potato chips were first introduced in 1959, since when Taffel has always focused on high quality and great taste when launching new and innovative products.

Based on its strong heritage and tradition, Taffel also has a unique position for many Danes at Christmas, when Taffel Original (salted flat cut potato chips) are eaten with Christmas dinner. Taffel has a strong line up of products today, in potato chips, savoury shaped snacks, lentil chips, snacking nuts and baked wheat snacks.

Mitsuba Logo

Mitsuba is an European brand inspired by Asia which has been offering high quality spicy and crunchy Asian snacks since 2019. Mitsuba has a diverse portfolio for different snacking moments with the aim to continuously add new innovative snacks and flavours – always striving to spice up the category and lives of our consumer! Currently Mitsuba is available in over 10 countries. Mitsuba, spice up your life!

Slovakia Logo

Slovakia is a traditionally known snacking brand, which started back in 1994. Since then, we have carefully chosen the best ingredients to deliver delicious crispy snacking moments in everyday consumers` lives.

Slovakia’s popularity stands for local heritage, high quality products and great taste.  As the leading position in the Slovak market, the brand offers a whole range of salted snacking products such as various kind of chips, baked products , specialities and nuts.

Soletti Logo

Founded in 1949 in the Zach bakery in Feldbach, Styria, Soletti is a specialist baked snack brand and synonymous with salty sticks in Austria.  A traditional local family brand, made purely from Austrian ingredients, Soletti conveys playful enjoyment and entertainment across generations.

The positive, happy character of the brand is perfectly captured in well-known slogan, “Soletti …wherever you go!”