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Going for impact and driving change

Sustainability is a journey that no single team or organisation can make on its own. 

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We aim for lasting positive impact in our operations and our supply chains. Through various partnerships we are committed to continuously improve and innovate the way we work in order to reduce our footprint and contribute to a sustainable future for the next generations.

By actively participating in multi-stakeholder and sector-wide initiatives, we are able to increase our impact and achieve sectoral transformation, helping to address the root causes of a variety of issues.

By working with our suppliers and partners, we build knowledge, capacity, efficiencies and profitability in our supply chains. 

Some of the sector initiatives in which we are actively involved include:

Competitive Cashew Initiative

ComCashew is a project that aims to achieve sustainable poverty reduction by enhancing the competitiveness of African cashew smallholders, processors and other actors in the value chain.

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Ethical Trade Norway

Ethical Trade Norway is an initiative that conducted a human rights due diligence assessment in the cashew processing industry in Vietnam. Intersnack is a participant of the cashew working group and involved in the training programme for processors and farmers in Vietnam.

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Sustainable Nut Initiative (SNI)

Sustainable Nut Initiative (SNI) is a precompetitive collaboration platform, of which Intersnack is one of the founding members, that is committed to a more sustainable nut sector. It aims to create an approach that goes beyond certification and risk-assessments to tackle future sustainability issues on a sectoral level.

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Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI)

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) is a platform through which over 120 member companies and organisations work together to improve sustainable agricultural practices. Intersnack is part of the SAI Crops Working Group and contributes to the SAI Almond Project.

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