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To achieve employee engagement and ownership, we want our employees’ talents to truly flourish. This requires us to become servant leaders, meaning that we work for our employees and not the other way around.

Servant leadership is about listening attentively to every voice and learning how we can help make everyone’s work more fulfilling and more effective. By doing this we unlock potential and achieve our business goals.

Over the last two years, we have placed a greater emphasis on promoting servant leadership across our operations. The approach is quite simple: managers learn to ask the right questions and act based on the answers. Across the group, leaders now spend two hours every day on the factory floor. This gives them more opportunities to engage with employees and discuss their work and any problems they might encounter and engage with them on an open and personal level.

Where possible, managers coach other employees as to how they can resolve issues themselves. And if they are not able to do so, the information is fed into action plans to tackle these issues (which can be considered losses) later on.

"The greatest achievement is the improvement in our business results. Not by focusing on goals, but by focusing on people. If you empower people, the results will come.


Marcin Gorlach, Plant Manager Slomniki, Poland

Driving cultural change
Sites also undertake surveys to gather feedback about employee ownership and better understand how employees view their relationship with their manager. In 2020, our employees shared a whole host of very useful ideas with us. We give priority to their implementation, as we believe that the more ideas we act upon and implement; the more ideas we will receive in the future. This will help to drive the cultural change towards employee ownership. We are delighted to see that the operational sites with the highest results in our employee survey are also the ones delivering the best service to customers, the best safety records and the highest quality scores and productivity.

Our managers coach employees to resolves issues themselves.
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Our people are the foundation of our success. Their health and safety is of paramount importance and we help them to develop their talents and achieve their full potential. We value diversity and promote engagement with local communities by our employees. Teamwork and collaboration add to employee engagement and a positive working environment.

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